Quincy Chamber of Commerce
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Our Board

Vice President - Matthew Kitchens

Treasurer - Cheryl Kolb

Director of Events - Scott Cash

Director of Marketing - Lisa Kelly

Director - Kevin Trutna
Director - Matthew Lopez
Director - Janice Hamon

Why Should I Join?

The Quincy Chamber of Commerce is a valuable resource, a “hub” organization, utilized by the local community, tourists, new businesses, those seeking to relocate here, and an informational source for activities and business needs. The Chamber is nationwide, and is well known as the #1 agency to contact when you need information about an area for business or pleasure.

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Our Mission Statement

The Quincy Chamber of Commerce is a Quincy, California based non-profit organization providing a comprehensive array of business services and fostering the enhancement of quality of life throughout our community. Assisting businesses, organizations and the community by providing membership services to promote and encourage economic growth and to encourage tourism, relocation and historic preservation.